Cisco SF100D-08| SG110D-08– switch – 8 ports – unmanaged


Cisco Small Business SF100D-08 – switch – 8 ports – unmanaged.
Cisco SG110D-08 8-port 10/100/1000Mbps Unmanaged Switch

Cisco Small Business SF100D-08/SG110D-08

– switches – 8 ports – unmanaged

Cisco Small Business SF100D-08 – switch – 8 ports – unmanaged Switches & Bridges Eliminate the hassle of expanding your small business network by using the Cisco SF 100D-08 8-Port 10/100 Switch, a Cisco Small Business Unmanaged Switch, to connect your business for performance and ease of use.

Deploying the switch into a new or preexisting network configuration is a snap–no technical expertise or complicated installation procedures are necessary.

You can connect up to eight individual devices with wired, Fast Ethernet speeds, allowing you to increase the size of your network by adding new computers or access points. You can also use the switch to expand the reach of your servers and network-attached-storage to remote business locations.

From the Manufacturer

The Cisco SF 100D-08 8-Port 10/100 Switch, a Cisco Small Business Unmanaged Switch, offers the performance and ease of use needed to connect small businesses. Use this desktop switch to connect up to eight computers, printers, or wireless access points to the network, as well as to share network resources such as servers and network-attached storage. The switch works right out of the box and does not require any management or configuration. Quality of service (QoS) enhances network performance and improves voice and video quality. The Cisco SF 100D-08 delivers the reliability and performance needed to keep the network running smoothly and is protected by a limited lifetime warranty.

About Cisco 100 Series Switches

To keep your business running smoothly, you need a fast, reliable network connecting your computers, printers, copiers, and other business machines. But for small companies without an IT department, setting up a reliable, high-performance network can be a challenge. You need a simple, solid networking solution. Cisco 100 Series Switches deliver powerful network performance and expandability for small business networks, without the complexity. With no installation software and nothing to configure, the Cisco 100 Series provides an affordable, reliable network that works, right out of the box.

Part of the Cisco Small Business Series of networking solutions, Cisco 100 Series Switches deliver wire-speed Fast Ethernet or Gigabit Ethernet connectivity to your small business office. Available in desktop and rack-mount models, these switches are designed to suit any office space and to optimize power efficiency. They provide long-term investment protection and support for advanced features such as quality of service (QoS)—all in a switch you can set up yourself, in minutes.

The SF100D-08/ SG110D-08  accommodates all of your network-connected devices.

Ease of Use

The Cisco 100 Series works right out of the box, with no software to install and nothing to configure. Each switch port independently sets itself for the optimal speed and determines whether to run in half- or full-duplex mode automatically.

Out-of-the-Box Compatibility

As a standards-based Cisco solution, the Cisco 100 Series accommodates all of your network-connected devices, including supporting both Fast and Gigabit Ethernet devices in the same network. The switches also provide automatic cable detection, so you don’t have to worry about the type of cable you’re using. High performance: The Cisco 100 Series provides powerful network performance at an affordable price. It gives your office a boost of speed and capacity to support bandwidth-intensive applications, eliminate network bottlenecks, and transfer large files in seconds.

Support for Advanced Technologies

The Cisco 100 Series’ built-in intelligence makes it easy to deploy voice and video applications. Integrated QoS features prioritize delay-sensitive network traffic to keep your applications running at peak performance. These features run automatically, with no management or configuration required.

The Cisco 100 Series Gigabit Ether-net models are designed to optimize power usage, offering energy efficiency without compromising performance. The switches also have no fans, so they run silently and unobtrusively, even as they reduce energy costs.

Investment Protection

Unlike a consumer-grade product, your Cisco Small Business network investment will grow with your business. With the Cisco Small Business Investment Protection Program, you can trade up to a Cisco or Cisco Small Business Pro switch at any time, and receive credit for the full value of your switch.

Peace of Mind

The Cisco 100 Series delivers the rock-solid reliability you expect from a Cisco switch. The solution has been rigorously tested to ensure optimal uptime and performance, and is backed by a limited lifetime warranty.


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