18U Data Cabinets 600 x 450. (Wall Mount)


18U Data-Server Cabinets  600 x 450  – Wall Mount / Network Data Cabinets

TDK- Data cabinets solutions in Kenya offers rack cabinet  designed for wall mounting/ Free Standing in offices,Our Data cabinets are suitable for Storage of basic network equipment such as Small CCTV DVRs, Network Switches and Routers

18U  high data cabinet, 600mm wide x 450mm deep.

18U Totem Data Cabinets are a highly popular choice for installers meeting the all-round requirements of data installation.

TDK Supplies Data cabinets that are easy to assemble and access, are safe and secure in use and durable once assembled. All Data cabinets use a steel frame chassis construction for high load capacity.

A swing front door opening with removable side panels, large floor aperture, and quick-release door pins ensure easy access.

18U Network cabinets Dimensions:

W – width 600mm
D – depth 450mm
H – mounting height 18U 

The Data cabinet is made cold-rolled steel sheet. that cover the sides and the back

18U wall mount data cabinet grey 600mm x 450mm. Wallmount 19″ server rack. Wall mount data cabinet. with adjustable 19′ profiles rack mount and lockable (ultralight) glass front door.

18U Network Data Cabinet Specs / Details

GLASS DOOR Lockable Front Door and Detachable Side Doors
4-WAY PDU Free Power Distribution Unit
1-Tray(s) Trays for Extra Partitioning
1- Small Cooling Fan Data Cabinet Fans for Data Cabinet Cooling. Top, Ventilation Holes
Bolts & Nuts, Assembly Kit Cabinets Accessories for Mounting and Freestanding
Openings A removable backplate for rear cable entry/access if required.

The front door has tempered glass and it can be opened to the left or right side. The kit includes a set of keys, square M6 nuts for rack rail, rack cabinet mounting set and a full set of screws.

Features of the 18U Wall Mountable data cabinet

  • 19’’ standard installation, welded frame, reliable structure
  • Frame structure intended for self-assembly, easy handling, transportation, to maximize save shipping cost
  • Standing or wall mounting installation
  • Easy mounting installation (patent)
  • Removable side panels
  • Holes for entering cable on both of top cover and bottom panel
  • Toughened glass front door, turning angle is over 180 degrees

A 19” inch data cabinet is perfect solutions for standard networking.

The Network Cabinet Offers the perfect way to patch UTP cabling at a central location.

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