Fibre Single Mode / Multi Mode SC Adapters


Fiber Optic Adapters, Multimode. SC Adapters

Multimode / Singlemode  SC Adapters

 Fiber optic adapters are for connecting multimode cables together where each cable has only one fiber.

Be sure that the two cables have the same core size (50/125 or 62.5/125) to avoid excessive loss (attenuation).

All these adapters are designed for precision alignment offering high performance and very low insertion losses.

They are made from either metal or polymer materials and incorporate ceramic zirconia or phosphor bronze internal alignment sleeves.

Fiber Optic Adapters, Singlemode – Duplex


SC Simplex Adapters
SC Simplex Adapters
SC Duplex  Adapters
SC Duplex Adapters

These fiber optic adapters are for connecting single-mode cables together where each cable has two fibers (two connectors).

If necessary, these adapters may also be used to connect multimode cables together, but the color may be misleading for future maintenance.

Simplex Singlemode/Multimode Fiber Adapter

You are able to connect SC and SC fiber patch cables together.

It provides a high-density solution that allows you to customize your adapter panels and patch panels. This SC/SC adapter is compatible with both single-mode and multimode fiber cables.


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