LiteBeam M5. 23dBi LBE-M5-23


LiteBeam M5. 23dBi LBE-M5-23

Ubiquiti airMax Lite Beam m5 price in Kenya


Ubiquiti Litebeam M5 LBE-M5-23

The Ubiquiti Litebeam M5 LBE-M5-23 is the latest evolution of a lightweight and compact, outdoor wireless broadband product from Ubiquiti Networks. Each of these models was designed to be an affordable cost/performance solution for long-distance, wireless broadband bridging. The Ubiquiti airMAX Litebeam M5 5Ghz 23 dBi Bridge operates in the worldwide, license-free 5 GHz frequency range with high-performance speeds.

Ubiquiti airMAX Litebeam M5 Features

      • Custom Ubiquiti airMAX Processor
      • High-Gain Antenna with Proprietary InnerFeed Technology
      • Innovative Snap-Lock Assembly for Quick Installation
      • Convenient Ball Joint Design for Flexible Mounting and Aiming
      • Lightweight and Compact Design
      • Energy Efficient Wireless Bridge


Pair the Ubiquiti Litebeam M5 with other 5ghz AirMAX Ubiquiti devices such as the UBNT AirMAX Nanostation Loco M5 for a point to point connection. Get the best price of Litebeam M5 in Kenya from City Telecommunication Centre.

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